Come out with cutting-edge solutions – Sammy Awuku urges NPP youth


The National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Sammy Awuku, has asked the youth of the party to move beyond their comfort zone and engage in getting cutting-edge solutions on how to prosecute this year’s election campaign in the various jurisdictions.

He said this year’s campaign would be a boring one without the buzz and excitement that went with political campaigns such as health walks and big rallies.

At a ceremony for the youth of the NPP to mark International Youth Day in Accra last Wednesday, Mr Awuku said it was time for the youth to think outside the box on how they would reach the majority of the youth without a rally.

Cheap complainants

The national organiser further charged the youth to stop being cheap complainants on WhatsApp platforms and deliver the 95 per cent youth votes as assured by the youth leader of the party.

“Let’s also stop being cheap complainants on WhatsApp platforms and deliver the 95 per cent youth vote. What I want to encourage is to always choose hope over fear. Slogans won’t win us the elections but hard work and door to door. I look forward to an opportunity where we can say out of the 600,000 registered youth voters in my region or one million, we are confident in getting 800 out of the one million,” Mr Awuku stressed.

While acknowledging the enormous challenges confronting the youth of the party in their respective communities, he reminded the youth that there would be moments of joy and pain in the youth campaign.

He, therefore, urged them to work hard to make that tremendous impact, saying “this party will reward that hard work”.

“The NPP never forgets its people, but sometimes you need someone to encourage you since a youth leader must always be determined to make the impossibility possible and must be determined to carry people along,” he stated.

He bemoaned the culture of turf war within the youth wing, saying the enemy was outside and not within. He, therefore, called for peaceful co-existence to ensure a formidable force to deliver 2020.

Youth wing

Tracing the role of the youth wing of the NPP in the previous election success, Mr Awuku said, “In the year 2000, it took a very determined group of young activists and youth organisers to make history, joining the NPP force to ensure we won election 2000.”

“With this, all I am saying is that every generation is credited with a certain responsibility. It took another strong generation of our youth movement to deliver in 2016. You need to ask yourself, what can you do more to deliver 2020?” he added.

Mr Awuku said it was important for regional and deputy youth organisers to be all-embracing to accommodate the various volunteer groups.-

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